Q & A – BZEE



Where are you from? Where are you at?
From NJ by way of Virginia. Currently adventuring/working in the Tri-State area


Who are some local artists that have inspired you to do what you do?
As far as people from VA….I wanna say Msp, Mc, Hoa crews. Mars Hall, Sigh, Mickael Broth, CoffeeHeadDuck, Kuthe and Nehi, Nepal, N4N, Reko, Daniel Moore, Aero, Exist Msp….


Who are some global artists that inspire you?
There’s too many to mention…. Talking Heads, Reas, Paper Rad books, Donald Byrd, Keith Haring, Fred Ones, TGE crew, Bates, Herzo and his crew in The Netherlands. Nice & Smooth, Echo and the Bunnymen, Bando and the Crime Time Kings from the 80s always had great characters and letters….
Also really been digging this French guy from back in the day named Eugène Galien-Laloue who used always used gouache. He made some amazing paintings of Paris city street scenes.


How would you describe what you do?
Just try to keep it simple with a twist of pleasurable funk….


What gets you “in the mood” creatively?
Good music, traveling to new places, hanging with friends and family, spicy food, new markers


Tools of the trade?
Chartpak, prismacolor, deco paint markers. Rusto, touch n tone, and yardmaster spraypaint has been good to me lately also. Garvey + a little brake fluid for a great mop recipe.


What has been some of the best events you have attended in VA?
It’s been awhile since I went to any shows in VA.
In the 90s there were always parties at Masonic Temple in Norfolk, and San Lorenzo in VA Beach. It was there that I would see people b-boying, and kids would have blackbooks with them.
The Black Sabbath concert I saw in VA Beach was classic, hahaha….
Richmond always had great art shows…(can’t remember the names of any places though).
Went to a Bad Brains show in DC once that was really good!


What are some of the best events you have performed at or exhibited at?
8Ball zine fair in Koreatown was always fun. Better Read than Dead bookshop in Bushwick was a tight location for zine shows. Also Paradise Plus in Brooklyn has good shows with a nice rotating roster of artists exhibiting works….


Any VA Spots, Venues, or Places that you would recommend people visit?
Shockoe Bottom in Richmond was always a good time….Not sure to be honest, because its been a minute since I visited. But I heard that Richmond has a good amount of murals/paintings around town these days to say the least. A few of my friends put on a show in Norfolk called “Nobody Writes Letters Anymore.” It was at a venue called “Work Release.” I didn’t attend the show, but saw the photos and it looked amazing!


Up and coming artists?
Benjamin Niznik is dope, I like Nick Atkins’ paintings, ADF crew, Brian Villalon, Sport the uber-cool dog, Knox has sick hand styles….
Whoever keeps putting in the work

Shout Outs?
Peace to the crews Nsf, MC, Adf, Tme, Msp. All my friends and fam….

Photo by Jay S.
Photo by Jay S.

Any upcoming events, or projects that you would like to promote?
Check paradise_plus_nyc and dietsmokeshop on instagram for upcoming shows, new zines, etc…

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