Where are you from?
Born and Raised in Northern Virginia.
Grew up in Alexandria and did my young adult life in woodbridge.

Where are you at?
Richmond Virginia

Who are some local artists that have inspired you to do what you do?
Broad question here, since its a record shop. I was heavily influenced by the shops I was going to growing up. Smash Records in DC, Hi Fidelity in Woodbridge. Not like the CD stores in the mall. Musically i’ve been all over the map and that would be a separate interview of its own haha. I like having a mix of skateboard culture, hardcore, punk rock, weirdo and misfit cultures and mashed into one unidentifiable package.

Who are some global artists that inspire you?
Nick Blinko, Mark Mothersbaugh, Pushead, Hayao Miazaki, Jim Phillips, Motorhead, Dangerhouse Records, Dischord Records, Crass Records, Consolidated Skateboards, Krooked Skateboards/Mark Gonzales, Toy Machine/Ed Tempelton, Globe Prints/posters, Death Traitors/Alex Heir.

How would you describe what you do?
I own and run a retail record store. We specialize in Hardcore, Punk, Metal musics and lifestyle. Additionally I run 2 record labels, Vinyl Conflict Label which is an all local label. Also Headcount Records which is just me putting out stuff im very excited about.

What gets you “in the mood” creatively?
Good songs, too much coffee or beer. Friends and good vibes.

Tools of the trade?
Technic’s Turntables, Doc Martin’s, Vans, Leather Jacket and way too many patches and pins.

What has been some of the best events you have attended in VA?
I enjoy most events I goto at Strange Matter. Best Friends day was always awesome, and Gwarbq is really holding their own path right now.

What are some of the best events you have performed at or exhibited at?
The Asbury Park punk rock flea market (we were set up at). Richmond’s Punx Picnic (had the pleasure of helping organize). DC Record Fair’s at Penn Social (set up at). The municipal waste beer release (dj’ed the event), Dozens of great shows at strange matter we helped organize: Zero Boys, Eyehategod, Midnight, Saint Vitus, Night Birds, Forward, Kromosom, Terveet Kadet, Total Control, this list could really go on forever.

Any VA Spots, Venues, or Places that you would recommend people visit?
Absolutely, Strange Matter, Gallery 5, The Broadberry, Wonderland, 25 Watt for good shows. Richmonds full of great history and outdoors activities, you can really get wrapped up in a visit if you have not been before or had the time to explore.

Up and coming artists?
S.H.I. (struggling harsh immortals from japan), Ausmuetants (from Australia), Hank Wood and the Hammerheads (not up and coming, but everyone needs to hear and see this band), Impalers (from texas)

Shout Outs?
Too damn many. sup yall

unnamed (3)

Any upcoming events, or projects that you would like to promote?
April we will be bringing Kromosom and Aspects of War on one gig. and Eel and Raw Distractions for another.
Way more in the works I can’t announce yet. I hope to have a 7″ out for Aspects of War by the spring


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