Where are you from? Where are you at?
Past, present and future. RVA.

Who are some local artists that have inspired you to do what you do?
Fan Ran, Gritty City Records, Ohbliv, DJ Harrison, just to name a few.

Who are some global artists that inspire you?
DJ Shadow, Alchemist, Madlib, JDilla, Pete Rock and Premier have always inspired me.


How would you describe what you do?
I would describe myself as a music producer/artist. I make beats and visual art through the use of many different mediums. I search for sounds, and I search for canvases.

What gets you “in the mood” creatively?
The right energy and inspiration get me feeling creative.  Digging records and finding the right samples with the right sounds, and getting in a groove are all part of my creative process.


Tools of the trade?
MPC, records, laptop, paint, and whatever else I can find.


What are some of the best events you have attended in VA?
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist’s Africa Bambaataa “Renegades of Rhythm” tour (2014).

What are some of the best events you have performed at or exhibited at?
One of the best events I remember was when we rented out the historic Byrd Theatre in Richmond for a special midnight showing of “Friday the 13th Part III” in 3D on Halloween night. At the after-party, I played horror-movie tracks that I produced, and mixed horror movie footage live with a DVD mixer along with the music. More recently, we rocked a DLR reunion party at a disc golf tournament that was a live showcase of my beats (see photo).


Any VA Spots, Venues, or Places that you would recommend people visit?
The RVA Street Art Festival sites at the Shockoe floodwall powerplant, and the former GRTC bus depot on Cary Street in Richmond, VA. Also, check out Hardywood Brewery, also in Richmond, VA.


Up and coming artists?
Sophistic Basics (SB), Profound79, Fan Ran, Gritty City Records
Shout Outs?
Fan Ran, Gritty City Records, Dream Like Reality, and Wes P. & Eyeland Interactive

Any upcoming events, or projects that you would like to promote?
My next project, “Tone Scientist”, is a downtempo / hiphop instrumental beats, which is out now & available at www.Profound79.BandCamp.com. I’ve also got a Sophistic Basics project coming up, “Food Court Gods”, which is a ten-track album with five beats produced by Profound79 and five tracks produced by Fan Ran.  The beats were influenced by a dead mall in Petersburg, VA (Walnut Mall). I also have “Trophy Case” coming up from Sophisticated Basics, which features Profound79 & Fan Ran productions and lyrics and a multitude of RVA MCs such as, Sleaze, Due Justice, Johnny Cigs, and Ben Official.