Q&A: REI21


Where are you from? Where are you at?
Originally from Jacksonville Florida, born in Murfreesboro Tennesee. Spent a good chunk of growing up in Frankfurt Germany, and I’ve lived in and out of NOVA now since 1997.




Who are some local artists that have inspired you to do what you do?

Being a “pre-interwebs” guy, my inspiration has mostly come from the guys that I came up with painting. The list is extensive for sure, but some of the homies that really charged me up early on include: Exist, Metal, Envy137, Scan53, Sime, Con, Demon, Hear, Brakes, Aero, Cense, Forse, Elk, Aest, Freak, Dick, Lyes…man the list goes on.


Who are some global artists that inspire you?
I don’t really follow a whole lot of graff artists outside the local or U.S. scene, but my favorite artist is probably Rackstraw Downes. His blend of urban realism and 2 and 3-point perspectives have always hit the spot for me. There’s also a bunch of Japanese dudes on Instagram that take great shots of Powerlines that get me pretty hyped up #wwwdc!


How would you describe what you do?
Since I was 11, the street art scene has always fascinated me…blended with my southern roots, and then living out in Lynchburg for a while, I’ve come to appreciate a pretty diverse range of what makes me tick. The powerlines seem like the one constant that you’ll find in most settings that I connect with, so that’s become my signature element. My graff style is probably considered somewhat technical…though flow is always a must. And I’ll always love the culture of the rails.


What gets you “in the mood” creatively?
Being on train tracks jamming out on my Mississippi sax, listening to some Lightnin’ and Merle, and taking a look at all the colors in my trunk to envisioning the possibilities…


Tools of the trade?
I would love to say Krylon and Rusto as it was for so many years coming up, but yikes, they took me for a pretty good ride with the cap system debauchery. Pretty much MTN is my standard now. Though I got a pretty extensive OG collection too – any traders out there?!


What has been some of the best events you have attended in VA?
My favorite events are those that include the dudes that I came up with and call close friends. Whether it’s some MSP BBQ madness, posting up with Culture Shock at Tim’s River Shore, painting in C-ville, or having some fun on the James with my RVA and Tidewater dudes, it’s always good times in Virginia.


What are some of the best events you have performed at or exhibited at?
I’ve participated in a few hundred shows nationally and a few abroad, but it’s the ones that my closest dudes are at that mean the most. Between the years at Paint Louis, Steel Wheels, Scribble, Red Bull Writer’s Block, 5Pointz jams, etc., the stories are epic and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


Any VA Spots, Venues, or Places that you would recommend people visit?
I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you.


Up and coming artists?
Always on the lookout…


Shout Outs?
Already mentioned some of the homies, but yeah the people I paint with and hang with on a regular basis, and some of those I don’t get to see as much nowadays. Too many to name, but all the VA, DC, MD, Philly folks, Pittsburgh, NY/NJ, Atlanta, TN, FL. Heck, I’ll just sign off with some crews…MSP, NSF, HOA, FGS, .COM…

Any upcoming events, or projects that you would like to promote?
Between art jams, mural projects, and promoting my line of railroad inspired gear, I’ve always got something going on nowadays. Visit junctionxxi.com or hit me at junctionxxi@gmail.com if you’re interested in more info.