Q&A: Timothy Sean Johnston


Where are you from? Where are you at?
I was born in Frederick, Maryland, in 1976.   I have been in Richmond, Virginia, since 2007


Who are some local artists that have inspired you to do what you do?
I see amazing art and appreciate it, but Inspiration seems more internal for me, I’m inspired more by emotional ups and downs and life events.


Who are some global artists that inspire you?
It’s more admiration than inspiration, but I do like to look at works by Doze Green, Alex Grey, and Will cotton. They are all American, I have seen a lot of global art that I like but I don’t really know any names.


How would you describe what you do?
Artistically, I want to make images that tell an interesting story. Usually it’s an undefined story open to interpretation. I want to include the viewer in the art rather than just dazzle with pretty colors or technical accuracy. I want you to make assumptions when you look at my art.


Tools of the trade?
I generally use cheap acrylics but I also use gouache, spray paint, and oil paint.